iprackThanks to its 8 years of expertise and support with integrators, the IPrack solution is a ready-to-use workstation especially built and optimised for video surveillance installations.
Easy-to-configure and easy-to-use, it delivers all the benefit of all Milestone XProtect softwares..
The cost and time of setting up the entire installation is minimal since the software is pre-loaded with all of the storage and technical IT configurations required. All that is left to do is camera configuration, which is a snap with the built-in wizards to guide swiftly through the process. In addition to the effortless setup, IPBOX is very user friendly with a consolidated single-management interface that makes the setup operation easier than ever.

All components pre-installed

  • Ready-to-use workstation with Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and all the required components for the Milestone XProtect system
  • XProtect Management Application pre-installed, which allows you to configure your surveillance system
  • XProtect Smart Client pre-installed, used for visualisation and recorded videos playback. XProtect Smart Client can also be installed on another workstation.
  • XProtect Mobile pre-installed, offering the possibility of connecting on the video surveillance system from a smartphone (Android or iOS devices)
  • Camera constructor utility programs included
  • Diagnostic tools integrated

Main features

  • Available in for 4,8 or 16 cameras versions
  • More than 1000 compatible cameras/encoders
  • ONVIF 1.02 and PSIA compatibility
  • Plug&Play configuration and installation

All the Milestone technology in a NVR

IPrack takes advantage of Milestone XProtect functionalities. IPrack integrate free applications for live view and recording playback: via XProtect Mobile or Smart Client.


  • Views creation that could include up to 10×10 cameras, allow to show cameras or to use some advanced functions as Hotspot. Views can also contain fixed pictures and HTML pages.


  • Use of private and shared views available in accordance to the user profile’s rights. Views are directly saved on the server.
  • PTZ control: manual control of motorised dome, manual or configured pre-positions trigger. A USB mouse or joysticks can be used for control.
  • I/O control of cameras or specific cases for events’ trigger as camera recording.
  • Recordings’ manual trigger: based on privileged accesses set by the administrator, an operator can trigger manually recordings for a defined time.
  • Independent playing functionality, allows to perform a playback on one or more cameras, preserving live views with the others cameras.
  • Addition of action buttons layered with pictures in order to trigger events or to control domes…

Download IPrack documentation